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Geographically, Nepal is small in the map of the world but it is immensely beautiful in terms of natural resources. This is justified by the numbers of tourists who visit this Himalayan nation every year. Nepal is a land of Great Himalayas, beautiful rivers, vast bio-diversity and rich culture. Moreover, this is the best country for trekking, mountain flight, rafting, village tour and many more. Amongst them, rafting is one of the major attractions for tourism. Nepal is the second richest country in water resources as it is blessed with many small and big rivers. Trishuli River is an easy to get destination from Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara and from Chitwan as far as the trip is concerned. Rafting in Trishuli River is believed to be the best rafting that provides beautiful sceneries, adventurous ride on water and you can enjoy fresh fishes too. Trishuli River, from rafting point of view, is supposed to be the most thrilling river for rafting in Nepal. 
Before you go for a rafting it is good to collect some information about it. 
The river has been named after ‘trishula’ or trident of the Hindu deity lord Shiva. Legends have it that Lord Shiva drove his trident into the grounds of Gosaikunda, and this gave rise to three springs-the source of the river. There is no dearth of thrills and adventure when rafting in the river, and what more there are deep gorges and rapids which will certainly augment your joy.
The first stop of the trip is Charaundi, a 3 hour journey from Kathmandu, situated at a distance of 85 kms. From Charaundi, the group heads to the bank of the Trisuli river, where travelers are supplied with life jackets, helmets and other safety equipment. What follows next, is a brief safety lesson on the necessary precautions and what to do if you topple over the raft or find yourself in a difficult situation. It is important that rafters no matter how experienced they are pay complete attention to what the trip leader says.
After a short session covering the basics of rafting and must-follow safety measures, its time to finally indulge in the sport. The night is spent in a tented camp, set up in the vicinity of the river.
The trip finally ends at Simaltal, from where the group heads back to Kathmandu. The journey to Simaltal is not without its dose of fun and excitement. At Mugling, water from the Trisuli and Marsyangdi River combine and increase the depth of the river. Tourists also get a chance to raft another time. After having lunch at Mugling, the group heads to Simaltal and then to Kathmandu. The best time to go rafting in the Trisuli river is between Jan-May and between Oct-Dec.
If you’ve never gone rafting, you are missing out on a lot of fun. We invite you to sample the joy of rafting in the white waters of the Trisuli River.


Drive to rafting starting point at Charaundi: (85 KM 3 hour)
Early in the morning we travel by tourist coach to the west ward from Kathmandu to the raft put in point at Charaundi. The bus ride takes us out of the Kathmandu valley and through rice fields to the valley rim. From here the road drops dramatically around 800 meters in the village of Charaundi on the bank of the Trisuli River.
At the river everyone is fitted with a life jacket and helmet. Then the trip leader will give a lesson on river safety, paddling technique and what to do if you suddenly find yourself not sitting in a raft anymore. We begin rafting in languid pleasurable fashion to get the feel of the motion on a raft. The riverside scenery is exhilarating. Overnight at tented camp, inclusive of full board meals.
Rafting Ends at Simaltal and drive back to Kathmandu:
At around 7:00 am in the morning tea/ coffee is ready. After a breakfast personal gears is loaded enter the raft. Before starting there is another paddling sessions refresh everyone's memory and scrap away last night fog. This is probably just as well as today we have another 4/5 hours on the water and we get to run more 3 and 3 + rapids.
At Mugling the water of the Marsyangdi Tumbles in to the Trisuli increasing the volumes of the river. We stop for lunch at the confluence of the Trisuli and Marsyangdi River. After pinball rapid of Mugling the river eases a bit there are still a few challenging rapids and the scenery and the geography is very impressive. We end our last day with lunch at Simaltal. After lunch we drive back to Kathmandu. 
If the above itinerary does not meet your needs, we can design individualized travel plans based on your preferences.

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  Trip Code : GN/RR-368
  Grading : 2-3
  Accommodation : Tent
  Transport : Tourist bus
  Best seasons : Jan-May, Oct-Dec