White water Trip

Tumbling from the snow-capped peaks of Tibet, the Bhote Koshi river provides somes of the most exciting rafting & kayaking in Nepal, & is quite possible one of the best short river trips offered anywhere in the world.
Bhotekoshi River is one of the popular rivers for rafting in Nepal. It is located at the Nepal-Tibet border in Sindhupalchowk district and the river has its origins in Tibet. As ‘Bhote’ means Tibet, its name also suggests ‘river from Tibet’. Bhotekoshi River starts from Borderiand Resort and ends to the Dam covering 17 kms and it takes 3-4 hours from Kathmandu to reach the site for rafting. Bhotekhoshi River is one of the major branches that can be explored through Kayak next to the Tibetan border. Bhotekhoshi River goes flows along the Araniko Highway to Lhasa. 
Theoretically, Bahrabise is the ending point of Bhotekoshi river which is joined by Sunkoshi River from the left. Rafting in Bhotekoshi River is the most exhilarating short rafting in the context of Nepal but it is even said that Rafting in Bhotekhoshi River is not intended for everyone. Rafting in Bhotekhoshi River is suitable for those rafters who are excited and eagerly waiting for fun with challenge and continuous action packed rafting. Bhotekhoshi River puts forward many moments that you can capture in your camera for future and side by side it also provides rafters a chance to explore many archaeological sites