What is Yoga?
Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines, originated in ancient India. The most known types of yoga are Hatha yoga and Raja Yoga. It was practiced after Swami Vivekananda seceded. It improves the mental health of healthy as well as of ill people. Yoga helps in:
• Attaining a goal in a disciplined method
• Techniques for controlling the body and the mind
Meditation is a practice designed to relax, build internal energy and develop compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness. It is used to clear the mind and to ease the health concerns such as blood pressure, depression, and anxiety.

How is Yoga started?
Yoga is believed to be started in ancient India. According to the pre-philosophical speculation, it was seen in between 200-500 BC. It was practiced in the schools of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism from where yoga got emerged. …

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Mountain Biking in Nepal

When it comes to Nepal, all they think about is the adventure: trekking, expedition, rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping and many more. But nowadays, mountain biking has also been an alternative for the adventure and nature lover. It’s been said that the best way to outlook the inner beauty of Nepal is trekking but now mountain biking is also another alternative. It provides you the pleasure of wandering deep into the natural beauty of Nepal either you are riding in the countryside or in and nearby the valley.
Mountain biking in Nepal has been gaining its popularity among the local people as well as of the tourist. You can reach into the core area inside the valley or to the stannous places. Nepal is suitable for all kinds of riders from the beginners to the extreme riders. Previously few bikers used to ride around the Kathmandu valley for …

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Festival of colors: Holi

Holi, the color festival of Hindus is celebrated all over the Nepal and India. This festival comes in the months of Falgun (March). During this festival, we forget all our flaws and celebrate together which makes the bond stronger than ever.  It is also called the “Festival of Colors”. It not only colors the people from outside but also from inside putting a soul in your life. The festival is celebrated in the Hindu continent from the ancient time and is followed by the new generations. The festival is celebrated as the farewell to all those bad habits as Holika got burnt and a revival of new energy and good habits for coming years. We use colors, balloons, plastic, water gun and smear the face with colors of our belongings  in Holi.

When is Holi celebrated?
The religious festival is celebrated somewhere between the end of February and the …

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Jungle Safari in Nepal

What is Jungle Safari?
Jungle Safari refers to wondering deep into the forest and observing the animal’s behaviors into their habitat without any disturbances. It gets included in the Wildlife tourism where the visitors get to interact with the wild animals in their natural habitat. Nepal has 9 National Parks, 3 wildlife reserves, 6 conservation areas and 1 hunting reserve covering an area of 28,999 sq km which is 19.7% of the country’s total land. Nepal is blessed with the natural beauty which is the reason to be the first priority for trekking, expedition, and peak climbing and jungle safari. For trekking, expedition and peak climbing you will possess physical as well as mental strength. Jungle safari requires neither of these. It is suitable for any age group. You can wander deep into the woods either riding on the back of the elephants or on the jeep without disturbance. Chitwan

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Full day sightseeing tour around Kathmandu City

Nepal is a land of natural beauty, cultural heritage, rich history and a perfect place for photographic scenery. The day to day culture, ethnicity, monuments, attractive art with eye-catching architecture and diverse caste with their unique festivals are all the things that make Nepal as a unique country and suitable for culture and historical sightseeing tours. A lot of travelers/tourists come to Nepal by air transport and hang about one day staying in Kathmandu because of only one international airport in the Kathmandu city. This city has beautiful Pagodas, intricately carved wooden windows, a small temple, huge stones images and inconspicuous shrines.
We can see many beautiful places during our visit to Kathmandu city and the best place to understand Nepalese life. Kathmandu Durbar Square is the heart of this city as well. The UNESCO world heritage sites, Temples, Stupas, Traditional villages, local market are some major attraction of …

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