Gurung Village - Siklish Trek

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Nepal is a land of cultural and ethnic diversity where visitors can find people belonging to different ethnic groups and religions but are living together by sharing each others' joy and festivals. Every culture has its own uniqueness and place in the pages of history. Amongst them, Gurungs make one of the largest ethnic communities, who have been a part of the Nepali culture since the historic period. Geographically, the Gurung villages are located mostly in the Annapurna Mountain Range. Siklish is one of these places where we can find a huge number of Gurung inhabitants. The positive aspect about the Siklish Trek is that tourists and trekkers can know more about the distinct features of the Gurung community more than other communities. Besides that, the foreigners can also enjoy the amazing landscapes and the most beautiful Lamjung Himal, Annapurna II as well as a few others.
Siklish was the only original place which was established as a base for trekking motives. But in due course of time, it turned into one of the traditional villages with great values. The houses are also designed in traditional ways, primarily consisting of mud, in an old fashioned manner. Tourists not only get breathtaking views on this trekking but they are also honored as they get to explore the Gurung culture face-to-face during the Siklish Trek. The Gurung community is preserving its culture through the medium of dances and folk songs and their unique abilities of cloth weaving.
The landscapes nearby Siklish are gifted with exceptionally beautiful flora and fauna. Dense jungles are filled with colorful butterflies and one can always enjoy the songs of birds. There are a number of trekking routes for exploring the Gurung village, even though the popular route that people choose is the Royal Trek. Royal Trek route was named after Prince Charles following his visit in 1980. At that time, he came to meet Gurkha soldiers for which he roamed from village to village following this same route, which is why this route is popular. Siklish is the ultimate destination for international travelers as this is the central place for those people who want to know about ancient culture through personal interaction.

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