How to Tibet Travel Permit

Along with the visa, a tourist visiting Tibet needs to get a travel permit to enter Tibet approved by the Tibet Tourism Board. It is also known as TTB permit and its cost varies depending upon your visiting places and cities. This permit doesn’t have an expiry date. These permits are usually arranged by Travel agencies. To apply for the TTB permit you will need a passport that is valid for at least six month with a Chinese Visa on it.

There are two types of permit issued for traveling in Tibet. The TTB permit as mentioned earlier and the PSB permit (Public Security Bureau permit).

TTB permit

You require this permit when you fly in the Lhasa or when you make purchases of the Lhasa Ticket. Travel through land transport also requires this ticket. We arrange this permit for you.

PSB permit

You require this permit if you are interested in visiting the restricted areas in Tibet.

How to get a permit?

We being an agent that has worked with Tourists visiting Tibet and being situated in Nepal do processing for your TTB. Nepal has special administrative condition with china so that we can easily get the permit. It will be easy for you to gain a permit if you send your information a week prior to your arrival. But you must book your tour with us to get the permit. No travel agency offer Permit only service.