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Monastery Circuit Trail (Lower Solu-Khotang-Okhaldhunga)

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One of the most interesting, adventurous and interesting treks in Nepal- the Monastery Circuit Trail- is in itself a wonder. Selecting this trek to embark upon, you will be awarded the opportunity to visit many beautiful and pleasant monasteries. You will get an opportunity to witness the cultural and traditional lives of people. One of these cultural places is called the temple of Halesi Mahadev.
The temple of Halesi Mahadev in Khotang is a popular pilgrimage for both Hindu and Buddhist followers. Situated at an altitude of 1355 metres, the temple area has three caves that are believed to represent the three eyes of Lord Shiva. Buddhists, who worship the caves as Maratika Monastery, believe that Padmasambhava and his wife Mandarava freed themselves from the circle and thus became immortal in these caves.

Short Itinerary    

Day 1: Kathmandu to Lamidanda-Halesi (By bus/air)
Day 2: Rest day at Halesi
Day 3: Halesi to Kharpa(trekking)
Day 4: Kharpa to Dumre(trekking)
Day 5: Dumre to Harishe(trekking)
Day 6: Harishe to Bagor to Kurima(trekking)
Day 7: Kurima to Mude to Chitre(trekking)
Day 8: Chitre to Dhodre to Dimbul(trekking)
Day 9: Dimbul to Nirkum(day rest)
Day 10: Nirkum to Shyare/Nimchola(trekking)
Day 11: Shyare to Bung(trekking)
Day 12: Bung to Khiraule(trekking)
Day 13: Khiraule to Cherem(trekking)
Day 14: Cherem to Pangom to Kharikhola(trekking)
Day 15: Kharikhola to Takshindu(trekking)
Day 16: Takshindu to Ringmo to Thupthen Chholing(trekking)
Day 17: Thupthen Chholing to Junbesi to Phalpu(trekking-you may choose to end your trek here)
Day 18: Phalpu to Pike to Ngwar(trekking)
Day 19: Ngwar to Kilkurdding Gompa(trekking)
Day 20: Kilkurdding Gompa to Tolu Gompa(trekking)
Day 21: Tolu Gompa to Patale(trekking)
Day 22: Patale to Rumjatar(trekking)
Day 23: Rumjatar to Kathmandu(By air)
Day 24: Transfer to the hotel. Final departure. 

Route Map:

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