Monastery Circuit Trail

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Short Itinerary    

Day 1: Kathmandu to Lamidanda-Halesi (By bus/air)
Day 2: Rest day at Halesi
Day 3: Halesi to Kharpa(trekking)
Day 4: Kharpa to Dumre(trekking)
Day 5: Dumre to Harishe(trekking)
Day 6: Harishe to Bagor to Kurima(trekking)
Day 7: Kurima to Mude to Chitre(trekking)
Day 8: Chitre to Dhodre to Dimbul(trekking)
Day 9: Dimbul to Nirkum(day rest)
Day 10: Nirkum to Shyare/Nimchola(trekking)
Day 11: Shyare to Bung(trekking)
Day 12: Bung to Khiraule(trekking)
Day 13: Khiraule to Cherem(trekking)
Day 14: Cherem to Pangom to Kharikhola(trekking)
Day 15: Kharikhola to Takshindu(trekking)
Day 16: Takshindu to Ringmo to Thupthen Chholing(trekking)
Day 17: Thupthen Chholing to Junbesi to Phalpu(trekking-you may choose to end your trek here)
Day 18: Phalpu to Pike to Ngwar(trekking)
Day 19: Ngwar to Kilkurdding Gompa(trekking)
Day 20: Kilkurdding Gompa to Tolu Gompa(trekking)
Day 21: Tolu Gompa to Patale(trekking)
Day 22: Patale to Rumjatar(trekking)
Day 23: Rumjatar to Kathmandu(By air) 
Day 24: Transfer to the hotel. Final departure. 

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  Trip Code : GN/ER-298