Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal has become popular ever since it started in the beautiful city of Pokhara few years ago. Within the short period of time, Paragliding has become one of the popular adventure sports in Nepal, popular among both the foreigners and the domestic tourists. Different tourism agencies providing paragliding services in Nepal provide various knowledge and skills about paragliding and its condition along with the cultural sites as it is new for us. Further, they give formal training and guide properly in the months of winter, especial courses on yearly basis. The famous place for Paragliding in Nepal is Sarangkot, Pokhara from where you can view stunning outlook of the tall mountain peaks. 
There are different agencies which are the mouth piece for the good sides of Paragliding in Nepal but it is you who have to go and experience it. Then you will know the essence of Paragliding. Paragliding in Nepal is actually an adventure sport that most of the people are waiting for. The nature of Paragliding is breathtaking but no doubt that it is pleasant and incredible in real sense. In a word, Paragliding is similar to bird flying on the sky and viewing from the height. The angle of temples, art, architecture, Clear River and the stunning view is wonderful. Sarangkot (1592m) is the initial start point which offers an amazing view of Lake Fewa with the marvelous view of sunrise and sun set & it can also be done from the beautiful place 'Bandipur' these years. 
Basically people have misunderstanding that for paragliding you ought to have previous experience but it is not true. The important thing is Pilot; he must be highly experienced so that you can have lots of fun with safety. Your guide will be those skilled pilots and you are going to experience a life time experience. Sarangkot is the most famous paragliding spot in Nepal but there are several other places from where this adventure sport if performed. Paragliding was only recently introduced in Nepal but it is time to establish the sport in some other places too so that many people will get to know and enjoy the sport. Paragliding in Nepal is a comparatively innovative adventure activity in Nepal. The experience that you are going to collect from Paragliding in Nepal will be matchless and unparallel. Paragliding in Nepal is affected by weather conditions. So, it is necessary to know the best season for Paragliding so that you do not need to return without experiencing the adventure. The appropriate season for Paragliding in Nepal would be November-December.