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Rafting in Seti River is designed for a short trip but the adventure seekers need not worry for they will be offered attractive mountain views and passing of crystal clear water in Seti River along with beautiful views of Annapurna and Manaslu. In terms of quantity, Seti River is comparatively small in size which is profitable for those rafters who are experiencing rafting for the first time in warm water. It is said that Seti River is considered as a finest river to learn ‘Kayak’, due to her supreme character designed for it. Usually the water of rivers are termed as cold but in contrast here, the water of Seti River is unbelievably warm and rafters think that this river is suitable and meant for the winter season plus it is good for the starting phase diploma as well as advanced course designed for the clinics of ‘Kayak’. It is an interesting river with unique characteristics of warmness. People have options to raft in rivers or swim in the swimming pool but rafting in winter?? It certainly sounds interesting. You can enjoy the warm water rafting in winter too. When you are done with Rafting in Seti River, you have an option whether you take the flight for Kathmandu or else you can visit beautiful Royal Chitwan National Park otherwise if you are again interested in trekking then you can go for the trekking in Annapurna Region.

Seti River goes up on South East slopes of Mount Machapuchhre and from there it runs south, just like a literally traditional Nepalese river which is used as a dam for generating Hydro Electric power. Seti River is well known for its calm and moderate characteristics with its alluring scenery. Mostly Seti River may have great impression on those tourists who love nature and especially to daydreamers. It is said that inmonsoon season, its engorged rapids verify an exhilarating test for those kayakers and skilled rafters. Rafting in Seti River starts from Dule Gauda (480m) to Trisuli River (200m). It covers the distance of 69km (39miles) and you can stay for 2 or 3 days as per your convenience. It takes around an hour from Pokhara. It is necessary to learn that the best season for the Rafting in Seti River is October.
For the rafters there is a facility of providing highly worth self- bailing rafts, helmets, plastic paddles, lifejacket and first aid kits. They do not hesitate to provide their customers with abundant and healthy hygienic foods along with drinks. By the side of the river, there is a trace of lavish enormous forest, which is enclosed with the hills. At present this area is settled by the Magar people, who are well- known as the Gurkhas from generations to generations. If you are planning to stay overnight there then Saranghat will be your destination which is a multi colored hill village where you are facilitated with sleeping mats and tents but sleeping bags are provided as per your request. You do not need to worry about the hygienic food as you will be served with best thing.

Again as soon as you complete your Rafting in Seti River, you can decide whether you will return to Kathmandu or willing to continue your trip to Royal Chitwan National Park or you can even visit Pokhara which is actually a beautiful place and you can easily spend few days over there enjoying attractive places like Davis fall, Mahendra cave, Few Lake and other similar places.

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  Trip Code : GN/RR-369
  Grading : 4+
  Accommodation : Tent
  Transport : Tourist bus
  Best seasons : Jan-May, Oct-Dec