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Tour in Nepal

Cultural and Historical Sightseeing Tour
6 Days

  • Cost: US$495 per head

Nepal is a land of natural beauty, cultural heritage, rich history and a perfect place for photographic scenery. The day to day culture, ethnicity, monuments, attractive art with eye catching architecture and diverse caste with their unique festivals are all the things that make Nepal as a unique country and suitable for culture and historical sightseeing tours. The capital city of Kathmandu upon arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is the initial spot for all the visitors. It is the land where you can find the unique blend between nature and culture. That is why Nepal is known as the live museum in the world. 

Pokhara Fewa Lake

Nepal Luxury Tour
10 Days

  • Cost: US$1900 per head

Nepal as a destination for Luxury Tour is merged with cultural uniqueness, natural beauty and experience related to the wildlife.Luxury Tour combines all these sorts of exciting and interesting things that you are craving for

Halese Mahadev-Khotang

Nepal Pilgrimage Tour
6 Days

    Nepal is especially rich for Pilgrimage Tour as Nepal until recently was the only Hindu country in the world before it adopted secularism. With vast majority of people following Hindu religion, Nepal has many pilgrimage destinations for Hindus and Buddhists. Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal takes you to several places and temples where devotees throng to worship their favored Hindu deity including the likes of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and many others. 


    Honeymoon Tour in Nepal
    15 Days

    • Cost: US$Contact us

    Honeymoon Tour is very special for every couple and has its own significance in newly-married couple’s life. The selection for the destination may vary from people to people for Honeymoon Tours. But it is for sure that those couples will not regret if they chose Nepal as their Honeymoon destination. It will be their most beautiful moments that couples want to treasure throughout their life. Nepal is rich in its natural beauty and the temperature is also suitable.

    People and the community

    Village Tour/Home Stay Tour in Nepal
    08 Days

    • Cost: US$900

    Nepal is a developing country. Though there exist some developed cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Patan, Biratnagar and some others, the majority of the sub urban areas are still dominated by the rural areas and the villagers. This, however, is not a matter of shame for us because it rather helps us in promoting our tourism and to show our unique cultures. Big hotels and sophisticated guestrooms are available in every corners of the world and people are used to it and hence they do not find anything new about it. 

    Heli tour around Rubby Valley

    Helicopter Tour in Nepal
    4 Days

    • Cost: On Request

    Helicopter Tour in Nepal is another adventure tour with gratifying and electrifying your lifetime experience. Helicopter Tour is primarily designed for those people who are unable to take long walks for many days or weeks in the high altitude of the Himalayas. Those people can enjoy the experience and the beauty of the Himalayas from the height from Helicopter. In this sense it will be appropriate to say that Helicopter Tour in Nepal is the expensive yet most trouble-free tour that one can view and enjoy the scenery of Nepal

    Mr. Sabbir from Australia celebrating family tour

    Family Tour in Nepal
    8 Days

    • Cost: US$Contact us

    There are very few countries in all over the world which are well setup for independent travel as Nepal. Among the varieties of the tour in Nepal, Family Tour is considered as the effective tours for them who want to spend memorable time with their family members and beloved ones.

    Nepal Educational Adventure Tour
    13 Days

    • Cost: On Request

    Nepal is also famous for Educational and Adventure Student Tour, besides other types of tours. Educational and Adventure Student Tour is designed as per their needs. But normally it includes fun with recreation and alongside education as well. They will get a chance to find out and explore about Nepal and its cultural combination with nature. Nepal is a land of diversity where you can research on different languages and their culture, tradition, closely.

    Rafting in Bhotekoshi

    Youth Adventure Tour in Nepal
    13 Days

    • Cost: On Request

    The word adventure is more suitable for youths and youth are naturally in search of adventure. Nepal is suitable places for all adventures a youth want's due to it's geographical structure among the highest peak of world 8 highest peak lies in our country Nepal and it is not necessary to mention that Nepal is the land of great Himalayas and gigantic mountains which are very challenging and it is not designed for all.Youth are the one who can accept those challenges and trekkers also feel comfortable to find the company of youth for the adventure.

    Sports Tours

    Sports Tours in Nepal
    14 Days

    • Cost: On Request

    Sports Tour is fast emerging as a new form of tour in Nepal and it is good to say that it is flourishing as people are trying to get travel tours along with Sports Tours simultaneously. In the past people only preferred sun rise, sun set and seas for their vacation. However, time has now changed and so has the people’s choices. They do not want to limit their dreams and desire on enjoyable holidays. Nepal is the most beautiful and stunning Himalayan country which offers numbers of adventures like bungee, paragliding, rafting, Mountain biking, wall climbing etc.

    Golf Tours

    Golf Tours in Nepal
    6 Days

    • Cost: On Request

    Nepal can be imagined with various things but when we relate Nepal with Golf, we might as well find it a little bit mismatching but it does not mean that we cannot imagine Nepal from Golf Tours’ perspective. Rather, the weather and landscape of some of the places in Nepal is indeed perfect for playing golf in Nepal or for Golf Tours. At present Golf Tour has also been a part of tourism in Nepal and people are attracted towards it. Currently, there are five golf courses that are available in Nepal

    Pashupatinath Temple

    Half Day Sight Seeing Tour
    1 Days

    • Cost: On Request

    The Kathmandu valley is covered with numerous religious Hindu and Buddhist etc. You can find many religious places of historical importance. At every turn, one can find beautiful pagodas, intricately carved wooden windows, small temple, huge stones images and inconspicuous shrines. In Nepal, the practice of religious puja is a part of everyday life. Teeming with images or statue of gods and goddesses, worshiping in temples and shrines is highly in practice.

    Handmade materials at Boudha

    City Sightseeing Tour in Nepal

      Nepal consists of many cities that are popular for sightseeing tours. City sightseeing includes tour to those cities that are political, commercial and cultural hub of Nepal. The cities are framed with its natural beauty. The cities are historic as well as holistic consisting of various graceful temples, elegant places, pilgrimages etc. the holiday tour in all around cities of Nepal offers you a pleasant time.

      View from the last Resort during Special tour in Nepal

      Special Package Tour in Nepal
      15 Days

      • Cost: On Request

      Special Tour in Nepal is 15 days tour package in Nepal will takes you to the most important places with experienced tour Guide.

      Short Tours In Nepal

        Short tour in Nepal are for those visitors who has very short time to spend in Nepal or for those whose time permits for doing something more in Nepal. Tour in tourism sector can be stated as journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited ,which can be excursion, expedition, trek, safari, trip, outing, day trip, voyage & many more. You can experience a lot of variations regarding tours in Nepal because Nepal is a place where tours are an important part in tourism field. Here, you can experience the following tours &  Great Nepal Travels & Tours/Treks & Expeditions P.Ltd.

        Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal
        11 Days

        • Cost: US$Contact us

        Honey Haunting Tour in Nepal is one of the wonderful tours that take you to the Himalayan foothill of the Central Nepal. These hunts are made twice a year. The difficult cliffs in the foothills of central Himalaya zone locate the world's largest honey bee colony. The honeybees had been residing there from generation to generation This tour introduces you with these community people who practice honey hunting with the rituals. Honey hunting takes place in the village of Ghan Pokhari and Ghale Gaun which are beautiful traditional villages