Why Trek in Nepal?

Nepal is not only considered a country of The Himalayas, ranging from far North West to the Far East, but also a country with the world's world's highest peak Mount Everest with a height of 8848 m. At the very same time, it also holds a profound religious and cultural importance, a wide diversity of people, spectacular beauty and an unforgettably unique culture. The Great Himalayan Trails (GHT) (inaugurated 2012) being one of the longest walking trails, covers every Himalayan range of Nepal from the district of Taplejung in the east to Humla and Darchula passing through lush green valleys, arid high plateaus and incredible landscapes. You can trek, run or bike the trail, take the high route and challenge yourself with some mountaineering OR try the lower route and walk the trail visiting the warm and welcoming villages on the way.
The memories of a single trek in Nepal will remain with you eternally because it is always special and rewarding. Walking through the trail in the mountains, ascending high hills, witnessing raging rivers and piercing the verdant deep jungles of the terai & tasting the rich culture is an experience startling and simply breathtaking. There are a few ways extending into the hills and walking through it may require more time and effort however, the reward is always greater and enchanting.
While traveling, you will witness the great diversity of Nepal. People, from the young to the very old, practice different kinds of cultures. You will not know the landscapes change from lowlands to snow covered peaks. The mountains become more definable and precise, the routes starts to heat you up and strengthen your determination. Trekking in Nepal will take you through a country that has captured the imagination of mountaineers and the gaze of adventure seekers for more than a 100 years. Amazing heights from which monster landslip topples seem a theatrical slow motion display, dwarfed by the surroundings.