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Nepal is also known as the kingdom of Himalayas as it hosts the world’s tallest mountain peak Mount Everest. The Great Himalayan Trail located in the northern part of the country stretches up to 1700 kilometers in length. The Great Himalayan Trail starts from the belt of Kanchenjunga Mountain that lies along the Nepal –Sikkim border and lasts until Humla district, close to the Tibetan border of Western Nepal.
As the name itself suggests, The Great Himalayan Trail traverses along the belt of Himalayan to facilitate the trek of high altitude all along the world supreme snow peaks. It is the longest, greatest and highest trekking trail in the world that provides the chance to explore some of the tallest mountain peaks in the world. The route of Great Himalayan Trail crosses from Pakistan to Tibet, which crosses India, Nepal and Bhutan. This Great Himalayan Trail is not just one distinct path but it is a complete route that zips up all accessible trails and trek near the Himalayas to make a long trekking route (4500 kms). So, it is not wrong to say that it is a network of trek and trails. Nepal is playing the major sector of Great Himalayan Trail. A trek expert named Robin Boustead is the one who mapped Great Himalayan Trail in 2008. All credit goes to Robin Boustead for it was all his effort that the Great Himalayan Trial turned out to be the ultimate destination for the mountain trekking in the world. 
Nevertheless, The Great Himalayan Trail route was legitimately opened in 2011 as a package for central attraction of “Nepal, Tourism, 2011”. Nepal as a section of great Himalayan Trail is wholly open for the trekkers. However, some of the regions and places along the Great Himalayan Trail do not have clear demarcation because of unclear political border and controversies surrounding it. As a result it is open as a five country connecting trail. Great Himalayan Trait route doesn’t engage straightforward itineraries but it merges trek trails which is similar to the Base Camp treks like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and numerous into one gigantic trekking tour. According to the itinerary of Robin Boustead, the Great Himalayan Trail of Nepal takes 157 days. 157 days is really a lengthy and more expensive thus it is not an ordinary type of trekking trail.
At a distance from these accepted treks that combined to form the Great Himalayan Trail, there are lots of possible short trek whichare equally thrilling and exclusive which can be explored. The perfect time for the trek is from late September to early December which is the perfect time for sightseeing. The Great Himalayan Trek offers unforgettable experience related with natural as well as cultural delight. The routes are full with natural beauty and cultural prosperity. The upper route is considered for enjoying natural beauty of the silvery mountain peaks. In a same way the lower trail bring in any one with the prehistoric communities and lifestyle of the people who are living along the belts of the mountain. All in all, the Great Himalayan Trail is an exclusive trekking route filled with great adventure.

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